Achieving ADA-Compliant doors for your business text photo by Strike Doors

Achieving ADA-Compliant Doors for Your Business

ADA-compliant doors meet the guidelines established by the Americans With Disabilities Act in 1990. These regulations, which are enforced by federal law, are required for all businesses that have public buildings. The only exception is for commercial buildings constructed prior to January 26, 1992. However, updating older buildings shows a commitment to the inclusion of those who have disabilities.


Commercial building doors must be able to accommodate wheelchair entry. The minimum width is 36 inches measured from the doorstop to the face when the door is open at a right angle. Doors must also have clearance of at least 36 inches around, or 54 inches around for doors at the end of a hallway. Double doors that swing open in opposite directions must have an opening at least 48 inches wide. Door thresholds must be less than half an inch, except for exterior sliding doors, which can have up to a 3/4-inch threshold.

Opening and Closing Features

Door handles cannot require pinching or twisting to open and must be easily operable with just one hand. Handles must be no more than 48 inches above the floor. Doors must open or close with an applied force of fewer than 5 pounds and cannot close in less than 3 seconds. Automatic doors must be stoppable with no more than 15 pounds of force and must take longer than 3 seconds to open. Ideally, doors should have smooth surfaces that don’t catch on wheelchairs, walkers, or canes.

Door Access

All exterior entrances to a commercial building must have a wheelchair ramp that leads to a wheelchair-accessible path. The route must allow direct wheelchair access to public sidewalks and streets, accessible parking areas and loading zones, and local public transit. The service entrance to a building does not qualify if it is the only wheelchair-accessible entrance unless the building itself has only one entrance. Once the person is inside the building, he or she must be directly connected to a wheelchair-accessible route.

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