Reliable Roll-up Door Repair Services

If you are experiencing issues with one or more of your commercial doors, you should seek assistance as soon as possible. Compromised door systems can threaten the safety and security of your business. At Strike Doors, LLC we offer roll-up door repair services for a wide range of commercial properties.

Signs That Your Roll-up Door Needs Repairs

There are several signs you can look for to determine if your roll-up door actually needs repairs. Does your door make loud or unusual noises when it’s being opened or closed? This may seem like a pesky, insignificant issue. However, it could lead to larger and more expensive issues down the road.

A door that opens and closes slowly may be another sign of a current or impending malfunction. Not only can slow doors be annoying, but they can also impede workflow and slow down productivity. A door that frequently gets stuck can be even worse. Along with being a nuisance and disrupting workflow, stuck doors can pose a safety risk. That’s because you never know when or if the door may suddenly “decide” to roll down. 

Roll-up Door Operator Repair

The door operator is one of the most important parts of your roll-up door. This piece of hardware is essentially responsible for the opening and closing of your door. Without it, the entire system would fail to function. At Strike Doors, LLC, we understand the stress that commercial doors go through on a daily basis. That’s why we provide repair services that can help to ensure the functionality and reliability of your doors. We offer products from top brands such as LCN, International Door Closers, Sargent, and more.

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