Roll-up Door Installation Services for Commercial Properties

At Strike Doors, LLC, we provide roll-up door installation services for a wide range of commercial businesses. As implied by the name, these doors are made to roll up vertically. Also known as coiling doors, they are typically made with multiple interlocking slat sections.

Why Should You Get a Roll-up Door?

The roll-up door offers several great benefits. Because they are usually made of steel and other sturdy materials, they provide an extra level of security. This extra level of protection can prevent the hassles that can come along when dealing with theft, including the threat of higher insurance premiums. These doors are also highly durable, giving them the ability to withstand just about any type of weather condition.

Roll-up doors are also aesthetically appealing. Whether you are using them for your garage, storage unit, or warehouse, appearance is important. Because they come in such a wide array of colors, they can even be made to match the colors synonymous with your company brand or logo.

Measuring for a Roll-up Door

Measuring for your roll-up door involves several important steps. First, our service technician will locate the widest point of the rough opening and measure the width. Next, they will take measurements for side room. This may vary anywhere from 4″ to 9″, depending on the door. Side room space is needed in order to install the vertical track. Measuring for headroom is the next step. This is the distance between the top of the door and the ceiling. Lastly, they will measure the space between the door opening and the back wall. This is known as the back room. When you work with Strike Doors, LLC, we will conduct precise measurements for accurate and weatherproof installation.

Strengthen the security of your business with our tried and true roll-up doors. Call Strike Doors, LLC today at (800) 658-2839 to learn more about our commercial door services or to request a free quote.