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Common Signs That Weatherstripping Needs to Be Replaced

Weatherstrips are the malleable material placed in the door jamb and header portions that seal the door. Although they may go unnoticed during day-to-day business operations, these small strips help keep out unwanted insects, moisture, and regulate the indoor climate by keeping out hot or cold air. Business owners need to periodically check all weatherstrips to ensure they’re properly protecting against unwanted pests and high energy bills. These are common signs that weatherstripping needs to be replaced.

Light Is Breaking Through

One of the first signs that weatherstripping has worn down is when outside light begins to shine through breaks in the material. Though small, these gaps can cause poor ventilation, leading to costly energy bills. Once breakage begins to occur, it is likely to only worsen.

Water Is Trickling In

If moisture begins to accumulate either within the weatherstripping itself or it’s coming inside and pooling, there is an issue with the integrity of the material. By replacing the weatherstripping when this occurs, business owners may actually be saving their door, flooring, and nearby objects from water damage.

Material Is Degrading

The natural wear and tear from the opening and closing of a door takes a toll on weatherstripping, especially commercial doors that are used by numerous workers and visitors daily. Over time, the material can become so bent, cracked, or compressed that it doesn’t properly seal the door.

Costs can quickly add up when weatherstripping is no longer doing its job. Don’t put off replacing it—contact a professional to ensure the job is done quickly and correctly. Our experienced, licensed staff at Strike Doors LLC can replace and install new weatherstripping to help secure your business’s doors. Give us a call today at (800) 658-2839 for a free quote.


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