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Four Common Causes of Garage Door Damage

After repeated use over the years, the moving parts that help garage doors function properly can break down and even pose potential safety hazards. Unfortunately, when even one part stops working properly, the whole garage door may become inoperable. Here are four of the most common causes of garage door damage.

Broken Springs or Cables

Springs and cables are integral parts of any garage door, and both should be replaced at the first signs of wear to avoid more serious damage. The more a garage door is opened and closed over time, the quicker its springs will degrade, break, or even fall off. And while the door's cables are designed with strength and durability in mind, they can start to fray, unwind, and eventually snap.

Worn Hardware or Hinges

Garage doors also rely on several different pieces of moving hardware, including hinges, bolts, bearings, and sheaves. All of these parts can degrade and rust over time, and if this isn't immediately noticed by the homeowner, the noisy sounds of opening and closing the door will likely draw attention to the issue. Rattling, grinding, and whining noises are signs that these parts need to be lubricated with oil to avoid damage to the door and the need for repairs.

Worn Rollers

Rollers are small wheels that allow a garage door to move slowly up and down its track. When rollers break down or become loose, the door may appear to struggle to open or close, or it may even stop moving entirely. Malfunctioning rollers will need to be replaced to avoid greater damage to the door and to ensure that it can move smoothly up and down.

Misaligned Track

The narrow space in which garage door rollers move is known as the track. Even brand-new rollers won't be able to perform their function if the garage door's track becomes misaligned. Unfortunately, a misaligned track will only get worse over time, and the problem can cause damage to the door's other moving parts, which may even lead to complete mechanical failure.

When you notice any of these warning signs, call an expert for help. At Strike Doors, LLC, we provide businesses throughout the Sacramento area with roll-up door installations and repairs, as well as a variety of other commercial door services. To learn more about how our products and services can protect your business, give us a call today at 800-658-2839.


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