A pair of roll-up garage doors

How Roll-up Doors Help Improve Workplace Safety

Roll-up doors are a popular feature of many workplaces due to their productivity and energy efficient features. However, roll-up doors can also offer increased safety for workplaces, employees, and products. 

Reversing Mechanisms 

Whether in a workplace or a home, a common concern with automatic roll-up doors is that they may close onto people or products, leading to damages or serious injury. However, most modern roll-up doors are commercially installed with a reversing mechanism that has a built-in sensor. If the sensor senses an object obstructing its path, it will stop and automatically reverse, sparing the products or people below. 

Vehicle Roll-Up Door Safety

Because vehicle roll-up doors do not swing out, it allows workers to remain closer to the compartment and access the interior of a vehicle when space is limited. The door can also remain open while other vehicles move around the space, as the door will not be at risk of causing an accident. If a roll-up door is accidentally left open while driving, it is not at risk of being clipped by another vehicle. 

Additional Safety Features

In addition to the universal safety features that roll-up doors offer, other safety features can increase the security of the workplace. This includes motorized doors that allow workers to operate them remotely, manual or radio frequency locks, compartment lighting, and alarms that inform workers if the door has been accidentally left ajar or when it is closing.

Maintenance for Continued Safety 

In order to ensure that a roll-up door is operating properly and safely, it’s important to perform routine maintenance . The tracks of the door should be kept clean and lubricated, especially if the workspace is particularly dusty or dirty. However, grease should be avoided, as the buildup may hinder the door’s operations. It is also important to clean the ends of the clips on every slat of the door. The exterior of the door should be washed with water at an angle so that the water does not penetrate the slat seals.

When properly maintained, commercial roll-up doors can offer safer and more energy-efficient workplace operations. For more information about installing a roll-up door in your workplace or any other door services, give Strike Doors, LLC a call at (800) 658-2839 today.


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