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Maintenance Tips for Your Roll-up Door

Many businesses go through each day without giving any mind to their garage door. It’s not until the door begins to malfunction that they realize the important role it plays in the business’s safety and operations. In order to keep a roll-up door operating properly, follow these maintenance tips. 

Staying Safe 

When performing maintenance on a roll-up door, it is critical to follow safety standards. This includes unplugging door openers and putting any controls away when not in use, preventing them from accidentally being activated. Remove tension from door springs when lift cables are being adjusted, as they can swing and cause injuries. One should also clamp locking pliers onto the roller tracks below the roller to prevent an open door from falling. Finally, only a professional door company should adjust overhead torsion springs, as releasing the tension on these springs can be extremely dangerous.

Preventative Maintenance

In general, it’s much easier to prevent problems than to repair them. Preventative maintenance inspections should be done at least once a month. This routine should start with a visual inspection of the hardware, accounting for any excessive rust or breakage in springs, hinges, fasteners, or roller wheels. One should also investigate how the door is operating, and if it seems to be moving too slowly, too quickly, or if it is uneven or bent. Any of these concerns should be addressed by a professional company.

Addressing Noisy Doors

For those who use their garage doors often or late at night, a very noisy door can be a major problem. Luckily, noisy doors are often caused by loose nuts, which can be easily fixed with a socket wrench. Keeping the door parts lubricated will also allow the door to operate with ease and less sound. 

Addressing Opening and Closing Problems

A common problem that can arise with garage doors is that they do not fully open or close. While this may be a problem that requires professional services , it may also just be that the “close limit switch” on the garage opener needs to be adjusted. The location of this switch is usually found in the operator’s manual. Another common problem is that the garage door reverses before it closes. Often, this is due to the sensor believing there is something in its path. Be sure there are no obstructions and that the sensor is clean, as any spots on the sensor may be interpreted as an object in its way.

Although maintenance is important for the longevity of roll-up doors, having a quality commercial door installed from a trusted company will go a long way. For more information about installing a commercial roll-up or glass door, give Strike Doors, LLC a call at (800) 658-2839 today!


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