Automatic doors at a business store front

Open-Door Policy: Can Automatic Doors Save on Energy Consumption?

An open door is an open invitation—it screams “come on in!” That’s the message many retailers and service providers try to send by leaving their front doors open. But unfortunately, any gains from this policy are likely being lost in energy consumption thanks to our hot California summers and chilly winters. However, automatic doors still provide a relatively barrier-free entry in addition to long-term energy savings.

Automatic Doors and Energy Savings 

It doesn’t matter if the open door is an accident or an invitation for potential customers to come inside: when the HVAC system is running, warm or cool air from inside escapes, leading to increased energy consumption and higher heating or cooling costs. Automatic doors only open when triggered, of course, so there’s no risk of accidentally leaving them open. And although they do require power to operate, their tight, secure seals help conserve energy, according to the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM). Plus, many buildings have two sets of automatic doors separated by a small entrance room, which serves as an airlock to keep outdoor temperatures outside and indoor ones inside. Additionally, some models of automatic doors are powered by low-energy motors for even more savings.

Are Automatic Doors Really Worth It?

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs wanted hard numbers to see if automatic doors really offered the savings they promised. To test the theory, researchers chose a pharmacy in Amsterdam as the test site and first measured energy consumption with a manual door, then with an automatic door. Energy consumption was assessed by reading the gas and electricity meters provided by each utility company. They concluded that the automatic doors offered 43 percent savings over manual doors, keeping unwanted air outside and preventing indoor air from escaping.

Earn Savings Without Losing Business

Perhaps the best part of the study? Researchers saw no effect on customer behavior after the switch from manual to automatic doors. The number of visitors stayed the same, and sales were not impacted.

If you’re ready to help your company benefit from the energy savings that come with an automatic door, Strike Doors, LLC caninstall one that looks inviting but offers the savings you’re looking for. Learn more about ourproducts, then call us today at (800) 658-2839 for a quote!


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