Tempered Vs. Standard Glass

Tempered and standard glass are two common types of glass with unique production processes. They both have varying features for practical and aesthetic functions, such as architecture, decoration, acoustics, and safety. Learn more about their production processes, characteristics, and common uses.

Glass Production Process

The primary raw materials for glass production are sand, soda ash, and lime. These materials are mixed and blended at very high temperatures, followed by a process known as annealing to help cool and shape the hot mixture. The different annealing processes for tempered and standard glass is the main distinguisher between the two.

Tempered Glass

Also called toughened or safety glass, tempered glass is more reliable and safer than standard glass. During its annealing process, tempered glass undergoes slow cooling, which strengthens the glass. Tempered glass doesn’t break easily, but if it does, it shatters into small pieces with few sharp edges. It’s resistant to impact or scratch, but it also can’t be reworked easily. Tempered glass is broadly used in cell phones screen, commercial doors, and automobiles.

Standard Glass

Unlike tempered glass, cooling is rapid during standard glass’s annealing process. This allows the manufacturer to produce more within a limited time period. One advantage of standard glass over tempered glass is that it can be reshaped and customized by cutting, reworking, and drilling holes without it shattering.

Standard glass’s speedy annealing process makes it more fragile than tempered glass. When it breaks, it shatters into big, sharp, and dangerous pieces. Thus, standard glass may be more hazardous when used for glass doors or as a vehicle windshield.

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