The Benefits of High-Quality Door Closers

Although they’re small and easy to overlook, door closers are valuable devices that offer a variety of benefits. No matter how much foot traffic a business gets, investing in high-quality door closers for all points of entry is an effective way to improve several aspects of its operations. Learn how these devices can provide lasting benefits to commercial buildings.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Keeping exterior doors closed helps the HVAC system maintain the temperature in a room or building. Door closers prevent workers from having to shut doors behind other people. This reduces the amount of energy the system needs, which will drive down utility costs.

Enhanced Security

Whether someone’s managing an office, restaurant, or pet store, they know that the business’s doors and other entry points should be closely monitored to protect everyone inside. Customers and visitors often forget to close doors behind them. If these doors are left open, it doesn’t matter if they have complex locks. Door closers ensure that each door is closed securely behind every guest and employee.

Noise Control

It’s become more common for offices to have open floor plans, meaning there are multiple work stations in the same space. Though this helps make the most of a room’s square footage, the lack of walls means that a single slammed door can disrupt the entire office. Loud noises can be especially distracting during client calls or internal meetings. The mechanisms in door closers prevent people from slamming doors or loudly bursting into a room.

If you’re interested in purchasing door closers for your business, contact Strike Doors, LLC. We have a wide selection of door closers, and our licensed technicians can assist with installation. For years, we’ve provided high-quality services to businesses across the Sacramento area. To schedule an appointment with our team, call us at (800) 658-2839.


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